Retail visibility and brand insights directly from consumers

Real-time data collection and analytics for fast decision making

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Community of active consumers and up-to-date IT solutions allow CrowdSystems to help its partners to increase efficiency in their retail and communication activities

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Get immediate visibility of trade activities on national scale

CrowdSystems allows to collect and consolidate field data in a few days as well as to share the results with stakeholders in organization for an immediate correction if needed

1. Check situation

Local consumers collect information with smartphone app TopMission

2. Analyze results

Starting from day 1 results are available online through analytical platform

3. Improve situation

Immediate notifications for field teams and eventual integration into KPI system

Activities to maximize returns on marketing and sales investments


  • Distribtion, Product Lay-out, Shelf share, Pricing, Competitors' activities


  • POSM availability, POSM use, Equipement check


  • Promo start, Uniform compliance, Brief knowledge, Promo activity results


  • Outdoor, In-Store and metro ad placements

Consumer Research

Smartphone helps to get consumer data from various occasions

Active panel of smartphone users will share feedback while interacting with a product or service as well as to confirm it easily by visual and audio data

1. Define methodology

Respondents' profiles are confirmed by information from social networks and previous polls

2. Apply multiple classification analysis

Analytics platform allows to build advanced data interrelations immediately after first results are submitted

3. Measure dynamics

Respondents' profiles are supplemented with survey responses and its easy to compare results in time

Smartphone is always with consumers being superior research tool for many occasions


  • Usage & attitude
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Switching patterns
  • Basket Analysis


  • Product insights, evaluation
  • Consumer diary / lifestyle
  • Consumer / shopping behavior

Convenient reporting for field personnel on daily basis

IT infrastructure for field personnel management allows to create tasks and get reports on daily basis in easy to use analytics platform

1. Create tasks for staff

Personnel utilize mobile app to submit reports with visual, numerical and audio information

2. Analyze submitted reports

Analytics platform will help to identify priorities for staff development

3. Design motivational programs

Transparent control system will help to improve performance on KPI

Set tasks and get results immediately

Retail chain personnel:

  • Distribution and product stock
  • Product lay-out
  • Special offers
  • Price tags

Promo personnel:

  • Promo start
  • Uniform compliance
  • Brief knowledge
  • Promo activity results

Why CrowdSystems

National coverage

  • Direct contact with consumers in more than 1500 locations
  • Database of outlets in Poland


  • Real-time data submission
  • Correction of spotted problems via sms and email alerts

Data quality

  • Automated data consolidation into online analytics
  • Prove of data by photographs, GPS coordinate and time stamps
  • Multi-level data moderation


  • Online analytics access. No software installation required.
  • Advanced analysis by survey results, geography and respondents profile
  • Integration of data from customers' BI systems. Hierarchy of access rights

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